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Camera Systems

Intelligence in View

SMR is a pioneer in intelligent camera technologies for automotive applications. Its software, hardware and mechanical integration engineers in countries around the globe have been developing ground breaking solutions from surround view applications to highly intelligent systems for the detection of moving objects in blind spots around the car.

SMR’s strategic strength is the combination of high quality image display and integrated intelligence for image enhancement, display of augmented information up to the detection of objects and road marks for assistance functions, so nothing escapes notice.

Digital Mirrors

A complete new generation of rear vision systems is on its way to soon replace conventional mirrors: Digital Mirrors, a combination of high resolution cameras, displays inside the car and image processing electronics. While you have seen concept cars with prototypes of such digital mirrors for several years, their serial introduction is finally expected within 1-2 years, enabled by a latest breakthrough in image sensor technology and legislation changes in several markets in 2016.

SMR as a global leader and pioneer in both rear view mirrors and intelligent automotive camera applications is at the forefront of this significant disruptive change in rear vision systems. With numerous cooperation projects with car makers in America, Europe and Asia, SMR has the objective to soon introduce this new product line to the market as one of the first globally.

The time has come for digital mirrors. For maximum safety, comfort and perfect vision.

The first "seeing" mirror: Blind Spot Detection System
SMR's high-tech Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) is the first driver assistance system which is able to independently recognize vehicles in blind zones by means of electronic image processing, helping to make lane changes easier and safer.

SMR’s BSD system is particularly useful when there are multiple lanes with a high volume of traffic on them. When the vehicles are moving at similar speeds, the probability of them “disappearing” into the blind spot for longer periods of time is very high. The blind spot detection system proves useful here.

Digital cameras located in the door mirrors observe traffic up to 40 meters behind the vehicle.  Small but powerful microprocessors in the mirrors process the image information, evaluating 25 pictures per second. When a vehicle enters the warning zone on the left or right side of the car, the system activates the LED lamps located inside the car near the exterior mirrors to warn the driver.



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