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R & D
Glass Manufacturing
Injection Moulding
Electronic Systems

Injection Moulding

SMR specialises in multiple technologies for injection moulding. All major manufacturing plants worldwide are equipped with state-of-the-art moulding machines for the production of technically and economically superior polymer products and optimized sub-components for all core products of SMR. Equipped with the latest design and simulation tools, including mould flow analysis and structural analysis, SMR engineers optimise the structural properties, the visible quality factors, and the manufacturing cost of all polymer parts before production begins (during the pre-production development phase). Simultaneously, moulding tools are designed and analysed to ensure production process efficiency.

  Thermoplastic and elastomer moulding - using a wide range of resin types for automotive interior and exterior applications
 Gas assisted moulding - enabling component weight reduction
 Colour moulding - providing substitution of paint
 Glass fibre reinforced plastic - providing maximized stability
■  2-colour moulding - enabling integration of transparent areas into plastic parts, assembly-free combination of bezels and plastic
      parts, and also of different polymer types
 Tandem moulding - helping to reduce cycle time
 Rapid Tool Change Methodology - minimising production down time
 SMED - Single Minute Exchange of Die




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