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SMR is a member of the global industry specialist Samvardhana Motherson Group …more
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Innovating Technology

SMR has always worked closely with customers to bring a new level of features, comfort, styling and cost optimization to the automotive marketplace. The company holds approximately 500 patents for various technologies in rear view mirrors and related products. SMR’s continuous efforts and breakthroughs are reflected in the tradition of first-to-market products.

■  Turn signals in exterior mirrors   ...more
  LIN-bus system in exterior mirrors   ...more
  Camera-based blind-spot detection systems   ...more
 LED light guide turn signals   ...more
 Side-looker-LED turn signals   ...more
 Multi functional interior mirrors with integrated reading lamps   ...more
  Power telescopic trailer tow mirrors   ...more






First turn signal in exterior mirror (Mercedes Benz)






First combined power telescopic and power fold mirror (Ford)






First camera based blind spot detection system







First interior mirror with multiple functions (Mercedes Benz)






First light guide style turn signal (Audi Q7)






First side looker LSD turn signal (Hyundai)


Digital mirrors expected to enter into series production in 2018 ...more

New full service division for serving multiple industries established in Australia ...more